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Coffee has become a ritual over the centuries. It encompasses an experience countless people partake in and truly enjoy. Coffee is powerful. It frequently assists in strengthening communities, improving efficiency in the workplace, and being the little seed that helps inspire grand ideas in the minds of many. Coffee in various ways creates its own unique culture, a Coffee Culture which positively contributes to societies all over the world.

Our story humbly begins in preschool where Larry and I (Joshua) met and became good friends. But as life generally goes, a few grades into elementary school, plans changed and we ended up in different schools for the rest of our academic careers. However in 2010, one of those "social media phenomena" occurred on Facebook. Someone tagged me among many others to an old third grade school play video that was posted. Along with lots of laughs, this also led to both of us rekindling our friendship. Eleven or so years since we last saw each other, we met up again and soon discovered we both had a great appreciation for coffee. The idea of "Legacy" and it's beginnings as a roasting company was cultivated soon afterwards.

Now just over a year since we began Legacy, we believe the coffee we produce is pretty dang on good for what we are able to do. We hope that once you've tried a cup, you’ll agree with us!